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Gotland Stone Circle
Stones united for World Peace

On an energetically appropriate location, several monumental blocs of stone are placed in a circle around a centre stone. All stones are granite. The blocs in the circle originate from southern Sweden and the quarry at the top of the mountain Vånga. They are formed by men; first the skilled men in the quarry with drills and gun powder and then by me with drill and wedges, while the centre stone is a locally found stone, shaped and moved here by nature and ice, it has been buried within the earth of the island for ten thousand years thus creating a bond between the centre of the circle and the island itself, in order to create the energetic dynamic that is the purpose of the work. All stones being granite also helps the singing of the stones together since the quality of the stones, granite, really rocks, being totally crystalline in its structure.


The monoliths around the centre are twelve and each one represents and emit a specific energy aspect of the wholeness of the source, while the centre one, which receives all aspects of the creational impulse emitted by the stones around it, represents the source and the intentional true reality designed for this time and place. The centre, when again reconnected with the source, spontaneously creates a vertical line of true reality, and powered by the twelve stones, a spinning vortex is created, and a pulse is established that spreads horizontally, in all directions, which will strengthen all parts of reality that are moving harmonically with this rhythm towards balance, and being balance itself makes it easier to merge with the love of the source that exist as the original pattern of reality.


Weather we believe it or not there is a reality untouched by our ideas, thoughts and fears.

The connection with this reality is how we save mother earth, her life and us. The time of this reality has always been, will always be and is already; the only thing that upholds our still dysfunctional society is that we do not recognize this simple truth: all is one.

We are a part of a greater whole. Every human has a personal responsibility to realise peace within, which enables peace between people and enabling us to connect with the greater whole of the pattern of life and light of the living earth and the living sun. The power of life is a spiritual power.

Initiator of this project and communicator of its spiritual platform is Linus Alfredsson.

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